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I, Catherine Harriss,  have invested thousands of hours of running Google Ads accounts for clients over 16 years, combined with regular monthly meetings with Google advising me on the best practices for running Google Ads campaigns and I bring all of this to you.

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Catherine Harriss

Unlike many small digital marketing and medical marketing agencies, I have had a few clients for very long periods of time because I deliver on a continual basis.

I prefer to work closely with the select number of clients that I have. This means that you receive more personal attention and I understand your business better.

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Tried and Tested Marketing Growth

Using different strategies that have worked consistently across different services, business growth will be achieved.

Paid Advertising via Google Ads

I am Google Search Ads certified (May 2022) and have 16 years experience of running several advertising accounts on behalf of clients, concurrently.

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Written articles

Content is still being shown to be king, especially when that content addressed the issues that concern your perfect customer. Consistent posting well written articles not only increases your reach but also places you in a position of authority, as interpreted by your best clients.

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SEO Optimization

SEO is a vital factor, not only for Google ranking but also for reach, enabling you to be found. Also, the level of optimisation that your website has impacts on the cost of your Google advertising.

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The Side Effects Of Working With Me

Your Traffic Will Grow

It takes several visits to a website for someone to make a decision. Along the way, they gather information by looking at reviews and seeking out other content. Traffic growth and maintenance needs to be a consistent process so that whilst your website remains omnipresent to your ideal customer, they can keep revisiting your website until the time is right for them to commit.


Your Sales Will Increase

Ideally, the aim is for an ideal customer to commit sooner than later, they need to visit the website less times than anticipated and they only way to achieve that is by ensuring that the content meets their approval. There are various ways of assessing this and I can use these to increase the chances of a (quicker) sale.

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“Catherine has extensive internet marketing knowledge and her work with websites under her supervision has clearly proved a huge success. This is clearly demonstrated in the revenue figures and referral rates. If your serious about digital marketing and maximising your internet presence I would and do strongly recommend speaking to Catherine.”

Antony Goforth

Senior Account Manager

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