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Does your private practice need a boost?

Or are you just starting your practice?

Either way, I can help.

I have 16 years of experience of medical marketing, very successfully, for surgeons online: successful surgeons that transformed their private practice locally to become nationally known for their specialty.

  • They all increased the number of cases they performed every month and year
  • They all increased their online reputation
  • They all increased the area from which people attended, most nationally and occasionally internationally.

It was all done via a website, articles and advertising.

Questions To Ask Yourself

  • Can your ideal patients find you?
  • Is there sufficient information about your service/procedure/surgery?
  • Are you seen as the “go-to” person in your arena?
  • Is your current medical marketing doing what it needs to do for you?

Your private practice is entirely generated by you. Some practitioners think that all medical private practice is finite and that if a colleague appears to have the lion’s share, this means that there is not much left for others.

In my experience, it has always possible to generate more private practice as through my methods of medical marketing, patients are drawn to you. Your ideal patients are attracted to you.

Catherine literally saved my business since she took over my marketing and internet profile.  I work as a Consultant Surgeon in Private Practice and had been relying on the outdated approach of GP referral to attract my patients.  Consequently my referrals were dwindling.  In the internet era patients have become much better informed and like to do their own research before paying to see a private doctor.  Catherine showed me how important it was to give the correct information about my business in a way that was transparent and easy to understand.  She is also very knowledgeable about strategies for acheiving front page dominance in both generic and sponsored search engine results.

A little about me

I qualified as a general nurse at the John Radcliffe in Oxford after leaving school. My career evolved from there firstly into research and then epidemiology in Nottingham. I have a Masters in Public Health and consequently, my perspective on medical marketing is quite different to others.

I am self taught, constantly refining my knowledge and skills in Search Engine Optimisation, digital marketing via websites and content  and social media. I am a qualified paid Google advertising specialist. Each client’s needs are evaluated and a course of action mapped out.

Not only have a planned and implemented all the medical marketing for my clients but I also acquired valuable knowledge spending hours in communication with many of their patients. This invaluable insight helped me refine what they wanted but more importantly, what they needed and it is this that I bring to my clients.

Unlike many others who say they do medical marketing and talk of having many clients, I have many years of experience, a first hand experience of patient care and clients that have stayed with me for years. The average period of time is 11 years (range 5 to 16).

I have had clients who were the highest earner in their specialty in the UK (according to Independent Practitioner), clients who have had  over 1000% increases in patient number and others where were just delighted to be able to help more people have a better quality of life.

Start today and contact me so that I can answer any questions you may have.

“Catherine is a very sharp lady, a clever Marketer with a deep understanding of the digital world and beyond. Whilst a lot of SEO companies can “do” SEO very few actually understand the processes and requirements behind it to really make it work – and that is where Catherine comes in.”

Paul Chapman

Marketing Strategist

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