Google Ads Marketing Strategy

What Is A Google Ads Marketing Strategy?

  • Identifying converting keywords & building campaigns to suit

  • Remarketing to previous visitors

  • Ensuring website content encourages visitor to purchase

A Google Ads marketing strategy works in conjunction with Search Engine Optimisation and content marketing. This has always been an invaluable method of attracting dream customers. Not only do Google Ads enable ads to run, linked to laser focussed keywords or search terms, but they also feed back valuable data to refine paid advertising campaigns going forward.

Google Ads raise awareness of you or your brand, enable very focussed campaigns to by run to attract only those people that you want to attract. You can quickly position yourself at the top of Google where the majority of clicks occur.

How Google Ads Build Your Business

Buyer Keywords

These are the keywords that you recognise as the ones that people use to purchase / order / contact you. These are magic and with my strategies, I will identify these and build campaigns around them, attracting your ideal customer to you.


A vital part of paid advertising: to appeal to those people who have already visited your site and might be on the fence about how to proceed. Designed to nudge them to purchase / order / contact you.


A vital component paid Google Ads is the landing page that the visitor arrives at after clicking on the ad. Not only will Google penalise you if this is not satisfactory but I will improve and ensure that it helps people purchase / order / contact you.

How I Can Help With Google Ads

I can establish and monitor Google Ads paid advertising for you. I can identify keywords that have been used previously to access your website and from this, plan campaign(s) to build your business. With refinement it is possible to understand more about the visitors and develop more focussed campaigns.

I can conduct an assessment of your current Google Ads campaign. For every ad, I can advise and /or improve on:

  • the content of landing pages,

  • the ad(s)

  • the choice of keywords.

I will refine the ads and campaigns to ensure that they remain optimised.

The Predicted Outcome For A Planned Content Strategy

I have achieved a 9.6 x ROAS with an average of 7.2 x ROAS

*Return On Ad Spend

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