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Wanting to grow your business online? This is surely what every business owner seeks but so often I hear that people don’t like their clients or their clients don’t value them or they don’t have enough clients. Sound familiar?

I can help you because I have made all the mistakes and learnt the hard way about the best way to attract clients or patients. I have worked out, consistently, how to get my clients the ones that they dream of having, the ones that provide that job satisfaction (and also increase the bottom line in the process).

In 2006, I built my first website based on a idea for a private practice income stream. It was clunky, ugly and nothing like how I had imagined. Having said that, this was the era of terrible code and extreme prices. Frustratingly, I made it look as best I could.

The site was written in two days. I then sat back and waited for the business to flow in.

Nothing happened.

Absolutely nothing happened. It didn’t even appear on Google…. it was actually so far off the front few pages, not even I could find it.

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What happened next?

But then four days later, I started Google Ads (or Adwords as they were then) and everything changed.

From that first day of using Google Ads, people clicked on the Ad, phoned a number and booked in for surgery.

It’s not all been plain sailing though, along the way I have had many frustrations and scenarios within Google Ads that I have had to deal with but each situation has only added to the wide knowledge base that I now have. I have tested so many different ways that at one stage, Google banned my account. Fortunately, since that time in 2005, I have never experienced a repeat! But I have made all the mistakes and I have also quickly made money using Google Ads. I understand how they work and what Google likes and dislikes.

I have tested and tested, watched and listened to advice from Google via monthly meetings. All this advice I can pass onto you.

I have also witnessed phenomenal positive change in businesses through Google Ads and written content.

I am self taught and I have spent significantly on courses to expand my knowledge on client acquisition, to ensure that I am able to target the exact people I want to.

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“In the internet era patients have become much better informed and like to do their own research before paying to see a private doctor. Catherine showed me how important it was to give the correct information about my business in a way that was transparent and easy to understand. She is also very knowledgeable about strategies for …sponsored search engine results.”

Duncan Harriss

A Little About My Background

I have come to digital marketing via a different route compared to many others. To date, most of my focus has been on health associated practices as that is where my primary knowledge lies. But don’t let this deter you from contacting me. I have seen how I have been able to grow online businesses using the same strategies.

I trained as a nurse as soon as I left school and following three years of being a cardiac nurse (surgery, ITU transplant and cardiology), I moved sideways into cardiac research.  After another period of General Practice research and working in an IVF clinic, I ran a national case- control study researching Aplastic Anaemia. During this time, I completed my Master of Public Health degree at the University Of Nottingham.

Inspired by the new “internet” I decided to learn as much as I could about how it worked in order to inform my young children. An obsession developed and significant testing and a banned Google Ads account later, I realised that Google Ads was pivotal in a business as a way of generating leads.

I also learnt that the power to reach more people through content was so often overlooked and rejected as a waste of time whereas those who used content as a method to attract, reaped the rewards.

I worked out a triple approach:

I am here to help you now. My marketing has been responsible for increasing revenues to multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses. I can help you attract your dream customers through growing your business online. This can now become a reality.

Start today and contact me so that I can answer any questions you may have.

“Catherine is a very sharp lady, a clever Marketer with a deep understanding of the digital world and beyond. Whilst a lot of SEO companies can “do” SEO very few actually understand the processes and requirements behind it to really make it work – and that is where Catherine comes in.”

Paul Chapman

Marketing Strategist

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