How A Urologist Increased Patient Numbers by 2631%

The Challenge Vasectomy reversal surgery has become, since 2006, a highly competitive area of private practice but not always for the right reasons. Prior to this date, there was a monopoly of this type of surgery. Around this time, several surgeons had the same idea: to offer vasectomy reversal surgery. My challenges were: A brand new business Needed an online presence Fierce competition Not long after this year, Google increased the cost per click for the term "vasectomy reversal" within their Adsense program. The impact was disastrous. People intent on making money through the Adsense program abused the term ...

female sterilisation reversal

How A Gynaecologist Had His Practice Transformed

The Challenge I was contacted in 2011 by a gynaecologist who had been watching the rapid changes in the urologist's private practice that I had been working on. We had a meeting where he asked me "to do for him what I had been doing for the urologist". We started working together in September 2011 and at that time, he was performing a few female sterilisation reversals a year. He had found that the large majority of his patients went onto have babies and he wanted to expand the service, realising that there was significant demand. Although there were ...