The Challenge

I was contacted in 2011 by a gynaecologist who had been watching the rapid changes in the urologist’s private practice that I had been working on. We had a meeting where he asked me “to do for him what I had been doing for the urologist”. We started working together in September 2011 and at that time, he was performing a few female sterilisation reversals a year. He had found that the large majority of his patients went onto have babies and he wanted to expand the service, realising that there was significant demand.

Although there were a few gynaecologists indicating that they performed female sterilisation reversals, none indicated their results via self auditing. As we had this information, it was just the information that ladies wanted to see. The only other clinic that we could find that offered a similar dedicated service was in USA.

Within 18 months, he was performing around 120 operations a year. Each procedure took around 2-3 hours and this type of surgery formed the backbone of his private practice where he treated ladies with all types of gynaecological issues.

Using a website, content and Google Ads managed by myself, he maintained this level of practice up to the start of the pandemic

Algorithm changes

I worked with this client for 10 years up to and through the pandemic. During this time, the website was updated 3 times and Google Ads reviewed consistently. Despite all the algorithm changes that Google implemented, this website maintained its positions indicating that the information provided was relevant and met the user’s expectations. There were no conflicts with Google Adsense regarding costs per click so no notable issues concerning Google.

This client retired in March 2022 and his replacement asked me to continue with the marketing of this private practice.


Percentage increase in procedures performed

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Of ALL his specialist procedures performed in the BMI group in the UK

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Return on Investment

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“I found Catherine to be someone who is very knowledgeable full of ideas and extremely professional in her approach in her building of my website…Once the website went live, I found that there was an increase in the number of people who came to see me. Catherine continues to have ideas and will constantly update whilst striving to keep it at number one on Google. I have seen huge numbers in the people coming to see me and I fully expect this to continue over the next year. I cannot recommend Catherine highly enough.”

Clive Pickles

Consultant Gynaecologist

The Process

My client had nearly completed an audit of his results. He had performed a number of these procedures over a period of years and so felt he had sufficient information to provide evidence of his experience and outcomes. These final results created the backbone of the website.

  • To ensure that there was wide coverage of the clinic throughout the web

  • To notice and ensure that we knew who are competitors were.

  • Developing a social media presence to help advertise the outcomes of the surgery.


This client developed a busy specialist clinic as a direct consequence of the marketing that I completed for him. A side-effect of this was that other women attended for other gynaecological procedures based on the testimonials received for the main clinic. This enabled him to leave the NHS and work entirely in the private sector.

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