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Grow Your Business With My 16 Years Of Continued and Sustained Growth Experience

Hi, I’m Catherine. I have 16 years of online marketing experience where my focus has been to attract dream customers to my clients for their services.

This has all been done through:

  • creating, building and amending each client’s website
  • setting up and monitoring Google Ads
  • creating written articles as content

I have also run social media accounts too. 

google adwords qualifiedI am a qualified Google Ads Search specialist with a wealth of experience monitoring 6 figures of Google Ads’ cost a year for many years. I have accumulated extensive working knowledge of how to reduce spend on Google Ads and increase reach to attract those perfect customers.

I know how to grow businesses quickly.

I am my clients’ marketing departments. The average length of time I’ve worked with clients is 11 years.  

My clients’ businesses have grown substantially as a direct consequence of my marketing. They have attracted their ideal customers and in turn, they have become market leaders.

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attract dream customers

I Build Relationships To Attract Dream Customers

I encourage your best customers to come to you and build relationships with you. Everything I do is focussed on getting those dream clients to book in with you / purchasing your service / buy your knowledge.

I look at everything that you are currently doing and work out where the gaps are.

You may not currently understand why your website is not working wonders for your business. That’s fine, I’ve written many and have years of experience of what a consumer is looking for.

You want to increase your income and know that you need to advertise but are not sure how. Again, I have significant experience so I can advise what is best for you.

What I Can Do For You

I offer a service that will analyse your online presence, your website and identify who your current visitors are.

I will scrutinise your Google Analytics and Google Search Console to identify the SEO issues that your website may have and formulate a plan to include the content and expand your reach to attract your dream customers.

I will maximise your chances of encouraging visitors to spend money with you.

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What Happens When I Work With You

attract dream customers

You Increase Your Clients

Attract dream customers, the ones that make your work more enjoyable, the ones that fit your skill set and the ones that will benefit exactly from the care or knowledge you can give.

You Increase Your Reach

Through strategies that come with many years of use and experience, I can help you attract those clients that need you.

attract dream customers
attract dream customers

You Increase Your Profit

By treating more clients or patients that need you, your turnover and profit subsequently increase too.

You Increase Your Return On Your Investment

Through strategies that have, over 16 years of experience, produced an average of 7.2 x ROI.

attract dream customers

Examples of Practices Transformed

Let’s Make Things Happen

Start today and contact me so that I can answer any questions you may have.

“Catherine is a very sharp lady, a clever Marketer with a deep understanding of the digital world and beyond. Whilst a lot of SEO companies can “do” SEO very few actually understand the processes and requirements behind it to really make it work – and that is where Catherine comes in.”

Paul Chapman

Marketing Strategist

Let’s Have A Chat To Discuss How I Can Help
Free, no obligation assessment of how I can drive your business forward
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By submitting my data I agree to be contacted